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Aerospace Education

About our Aerospace Curriculum:

Over six hundred pages of aerospace knowledge have been developed by Civil Air Patrol's professional educators and aviators!  The curriculum is age appropriate enabling cadets to easily learn in-class or on their own.  Additionally, it conforms to national academic standards for K-12!

Under our Aerospace program, we offer STEM kits that cover topics such as raspberry pi, rockets, drones, coding, cross-country flight planning, weather station, robotics, and more!  

Pictured here is our very own Aerospace Education Officer, Captain Mulderrig engaging the cadets with a national competition: The High Altitude Balloon Launch.  The cadets designed an experiment to send in a large weather balloon and hypothesize an outcome based on exposure to the high altitude. This project encorporated planning, teamwork, analytical skills, and audio/visual presentation skills.


Aerospace Curriculum with Dimension

National Headquarters has completed work on two new volumes of aerospace education, focused on women in aviation. Women in Aviation teaches our members the accomplishments of female aviators and astronauts and how they pioneered in the field for the benefit of humanity. The two volumes feature 25 aviators that broke barriers and expanded humanity's future into space. The two volumes are also paired with a video series that tells the story and the impact of these aviation heroes. For more information, click here.

Pictured is a cadet working with our flight simulator STEM kit.  Not too far away, our group is fortunate to have a full-motion Red Bird Simulator that cadets can use at no cost while pursuing their student pilot license.

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