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Getting Started

The First Few Months!

You met us at an open house or was referred by a friend.  Your interest was piqued and you decided to attend a meeting! 

After your third meeting, you will receive an information folder containing an application for submission. Soon after submitting the application, you will receive access to our intranet site unlocking all the potential you have to gain as a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Not too long after, a Civil Air Patrol identification card will be sent to you from our National Headquarters located at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama.

As a cadet, you will be placed with your peers learning the basics! A mentor will be assigned to help guide you and prepare you for great success!  Cadets may expect to learn any of the following material in their first few months:

  • Civil Air Patrol History

  • Military Drill and Ceremony

  • Aerospace Education

  • Introduction to Leadership and Followership

  • Team-Building and Communication Skills

  • Character Development and Introduction to Moral Leadership

  • Emergency Services including, but not limited to: 

    • operating communications equipment;

    • search & rescue; 

    • flight line marshalling; 

    • urban direction finding;

    • map & compass work;

    • first aid

  • Physical Fitness (PT)

  • Color Guard

Additionally, we encourage all cadets to actively participate in unit activities to implement skills learned and gain valuable experience!

Semper Vigilans!

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