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Are You Ready?

Cadets and Senior Members in Emergency Services:

All cadets above the age of fourteen (14) can participate in our Emergency Services Program, both locally and nationally! All members receive training and classroom lessons that provide the skills and knowledge required to perform ground team missions and assist or participate in aviation crews. These professional-level skills afford us to work with partners such as The United States Air Force, The United States Coast Guard, FEMA, and local police and fire departments.

We have academies and local squadron training that allows young people and adults to maintain, renew, or expand their capabilities in the emergency services field.                                                                                                            

Members can expect training in:

  •   Disaster Response/Relief
  •   Missing Person(s)
  •   Downed/Missing Aircraft
  •   Aerial Damage Assessment Photography
  •   Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) CAP Geospatial Program
  •   Small Unmanned Aerial System (Drones)


 We Are Always Ready...

When the events of 9/11 devastated our country and grounded all air traffic, Civil Air Patrol with its fleet of single-engine airplanes, flew exclusively above capturing the damage, then sending the data to the Air Force and other stakeholders who needed aerial assessments. 

Our people have devoted their spare time, like so many other volunteers around our country, to support and protect our people and do everything possible to keep people safe.





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