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General Asset Information

Nationally Available Asset Information:

  • 550 single-engine piston aircraft, consisting of Cessna C-172, C-182, and C-206 models, as well 16 Gippsland GA-8 eight-seat aircraft, strategically placed throughout the nation. 
  • Over 900 7, 11, & 12 passenger vans, 4X4s, and long-bed pickups. 
  • Dedicated communications vehicles with limited all-band capability and public service band interoperability. * 
  • A nationwide radio communications system comprised of over 9,600 CAP-owned base, mobile, and portable two-way radios. 
  • National & regional HF radio networks providing survivable, infrastructure-independent command and control communications (not dependent on satellite/cellular telephone systems). 
  • Over 500 VHF-FM radio repeater stations located strategically throughout the country.
  • 133 transportable VHF-FM suitcase radio repeaters. Units operate on CAP radio frequencies and can be used either on the ground or from aircraft to support remote operations. * 
  • 100+ aircraft equipped with satellite phones and modems used to transmit aerial and ground-based geo-tagged still-frame digital pictures in near real-time
  •  1,600 airborne, mobile, and hand-held DF units.

Long Island Asset Information:

  • 3+ Cessna 172 and 182 Aircraft, equipped with the standard complement for Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief equipment. 

  • Direction Finding (DF) Equipment for locating, tracking EPIRB or ELT signals.

  • Local units on-call 24/7 to provide ground assistance within an hour of activation.

  • Mobile Command Post.

  • 2 eight (8 ) seat vans equipped with mobile DF equipment and Ground/Air radio equipment.

  • 2+ Backboards

NOTE: Equipment required elsewhere in the tri-state area may be requested with extended reaction time with that equipment.

Common Asset Requests:

  • Aerial Observation/Photography

  • Traffic Control

  • Search and Rescue

  • Disaster Relief


Want to know a detailed assessment of what the Civil Air Patrol can do? Use the CAPabilities Handbook at .


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