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What Does Civil Air Patrol Offer?

Civil Air Patrol's Cadet Program affords a young person to new challenges and more opportunities than any other youth program. Built around the Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Volunteer Service, and Excellence in All we do, the 9th Suffolk Cadet Squadron has built curriculum and advancement opportunities in aviation, leadership education and hands-on field training. 

Civil Air Patrol offers flight training, including five (5) free pilot lessons for all cadet members, which can grow into an attendance to a Civil Air Patrol Flight Academy! All training is done with an experienced and expertly trained flight instructor who prioritizes safety and passes the joy of flight onto the next era of American aviation leaders.

If your goal is to become a stronger community leader, whether that community is your school, your town, or a future business, Civil Air Patrol offers leadership conferences, academies, and training from members not only well equipped with decades of the Air Force Auxiliary experience and expertise, but also knowledge in how to allow your youth to experiment with leadership development with real-time decision-making and unit advancement. In our unit, this means that your youth has the capability to become a leading figure in deciding and developing the unit for the future. Leadership training at this intensity has proved to not only increase motivation and independence in young cadets but also has allowed them to learn financial, human resource, and time-management skills greater than young people who typically did not join our program.

Criteria Needed to Join:

  • At least twelve (12) years of age
  • Be a citizen of The United States of America
  • Be a student in good academic standing
  • Devote time for regular meetings and one event per month (minimum)

Unique Opportunity

Our squadron is very priviledged to meet at the 106th Rescue Wing Air National Guard Base in Westhampton, NY.  Not all squadrons enjoy this access on a weekly basis. 

Prior to joining, we encourage all prospective cadets and parents to visit us at least three (3) times. This allows all parties to truly assess if our program is a good fit for all.  

To visit us at the base, we must collect information about you. Please go to the page "Visit Us Access Request" in this section to fill out a form allowing us to collect that information.  

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